Vermicelli Upma Recipe (3 Methods)

Vermicelli upma

Vermicelli upma is a healthy breakfast recipe made with vermicelli or asian noodles and other vegetables. It is prepare very similar to the traditional Semolina Upma (Rava / Sooji – Upma) by just replacing it with vermicelli (semiya). It is common upma recipe in south Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. You can easily extend it to other variation like pulav, khichdi and bath recipes.

This one is great for your everyday breakfast, as it is super easy and quick. I even sometimes pack it for lunch box or have it for a light lunch. The most common recipe is to prepare it without any extra vegetables or also known as plain upma. The taste is derived mainly from the onions and vegetables with lemon juice topped at the end of recipe. In fact it is the most common way of preparing the vermicelli upma. You can make other variations which involves adding veggies like beans, green peas, carrots and even broccoli. This Upma is also healthy as it is rich in Protein and Iron. Also, it keeps you fill for a longer time, so great if you are following a weight loss diet.

Vermicelli Upma Recipe – Method 1

Vermicelli Upma Recipe – Method 2

Vermicelli Upma Recipe – Method 3

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