Poha Recipes

Beaten rice has various names – Mostly Maharashtra it is called as “Pohe” in “Marathi”. “Poha” in “Hindi” in northern India, “Avalakki” in “Kannada”, “Aval” in “Tamil” & “Chuda” in “Odia” & so on… Like the various name, it has some different verities & test across India. Though all verities are testy but two are predominant all over India are “Maharashtrian – Kanda Pohe” & “North Indian – Aloo Poha”. These are now a days made all over India & well accepted everywhere. There are some regional verities like Poha along with misal mostly famous in Madhya Pradesh (Indore side) or Tarri poha with shev & chivada in Nagpur & Chhattisgarh or Poha Cutlets are also famous. Some modern touch poha recipes are also there to highlight extra health conscious people like “Protein Rich Poha” or “Oil Free Poha”. Again Due to religious aspect “Jain Poha” recipe is famous among the Jain people in India.

Along the above veg poha recipes, few non-veg poha recipes are also in use but are not much famous like “Chicken Poha”, Egg Poha” or “Poha Chicken Bhujing”.

Veg Poha Recipes :

  1. Kanda Pohe
  2. Aloo Poha
  3. Tarri Poha with Sev, Chivada
  4. Poha Cutlets
  5. Protein Rich Poha
  6. Oil Free Poha

Jain Poha Recipes :

  1. Jain Poha

Non-Veg Poha Recipes :

  1. Chicken Poha
  2. Egg Poha
  3. Poha Chicken Bhujing
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