Poha Chicken Bhujing

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  1. Patrick says:

    The other section of street food comprised of the typical Mumbai snacks that included ‘Pani Poori’ (water balls relished with mint water, and tamarind paste), ‘Ragda Pattice’ (Potato nuggets served with a mixed lentil preparation and topped off with sweet and sour tamarind sauce), ‘Kulfi’ (A reduced milk preparation topped off with dry fruits and saffron). The ‘Khichiya Masala Papad’ (Dehydrated rice flour dough that is flattened, roasted and topped off with vegetables) and ‘Samosa Chole’ (A savoury Indian snack with a crispy coating and filled with potatoes, topped off with chickpeas sauteed in tomatoes, onions and spices) were hot favourites! This section ran into an extension of live counters serving Kothu Parotta (a chopped egg, and meat preparation finished with a spicy sauce and served with Indian flat bread) alongwith Pepper Chicken or Chole (A chick pea preparation), Bhurji Pav (Scrambled cottage cheese tossed in vegetables), and Pav Bhaji (A mixed vegetable dish cooked in spices, and served with a certain kind of bread available only at typical Indian bakeries, a rural special).

    • Cooking Recipes says:

      Thanks Patrick, We are adding one by one all recipes.. Definitely we will add your suggested recipes as well. will make sure your all your suggested recipes will be added within a week time.

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