Peanut Burfi Recipe

Peanut Burfi Recipe

Peanut Burfi ( Mungfali Ki Barfi ) is a delicious Indian recipe & is serve as a Dessert. Peanut Burfi is an easy and healthy kids friendly snack with peanuts and Sugar. You can make this snack in bulk and store.

India :
Peanut Barfi / Mungfali Ki Barfi is a simple and easy sweet recipe. It can be prepare within 20 minutes. This Barfi is prepare with just 2 main ingredients – Peanuts and Sugar . This sweet is power and protein pack treat and can enjoy during fasting days too. It’s ideal sweet use in India on Rakhi (Rakshabandhan), Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Deepavali.

Mexica :
Mexican peanut marzipan In Latin American cuisine, marzipan is known by the Spanish word mazapán. It is also traditionally ideal sweet for Christmas; although, Latin American mazapán is generally made with peanuts instead of almonds as the Spanish mazapán.

North America :
In Canada and the United States, peanuts are use in candies, cakes, cookies, and other sweets.
Don’t forget to make quick , melt in mouth sweet in this festival season.

Malnutrition :
Peanuts are use to help fight malnutrition. Plumpy Nut, MANA Nutrition and Medika Mamba are high-protein, high-energy, and high-nutrient peanut-based pastes develop to use as therapeutic food to aid in famine relief. The World Health Organization, UNICEF, Project Peanut Butter, and Doctors Without Borders have use these products to save malnourished children in under develop and developing countries.

Peanut Burfi Recipe

Peanut Burfi

Peanut Burfi | Mungfali Ki Barfi | Groundnut Burfi | Peanut Recipe | Peanut Marzipan | Peanut Fudge is a delicious Peanut recipe made out of Peanut & Sugar. It is well known all over world with different names.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American, Indian, Mexican


  • nonstick pan
  • spatula
  • Mixer / Grinder
  • Plate
  • Pizza Cutter / Knife


  • 1 Cup Peanut
  • ½ Cup Sugar
  • ¼ Cup Water
  • 1 tsp Butter / Ghee


  • Roast Peanuts on medium to low heat, hardly 1-2 minuts. Don't change colour of peanuts.
  • Take them in to a plate to cool. Once get cool, rub them on a cotton cloth to reamove peels.
  • Now, transfer it to mixer jar & grind it to make thick peanut paste, just like we make it while making peanut butter, but don't add any other ingradients like salt, honey or suger etc.
  • Now, In the pan add water, sugar & boill the mixture for about 4-5 miunte to make 1 string suger syrup.
  • Now add whole peanut paste into it and stired contineousely and add 1 tps butter / Ghee into it.
  • Now, after few minute, misture will stop sticking to pan & slowly start forming the one big lump.
  • Now Transfer it into the plate. spread it evenly and allow it to cool. Then cut it with pizza cutter or Knife and serve the delicious sweet to all.. Enjoy it.



Some important Notes :
  1. Never use Salted Peanuts to make this sweet.
  2. Peanuts and sugar portion will be 2:1.
  3. Grind peanuts in Pulses so Oil won’t be released from it.
  4. Ghee will give shine and smoothness so don’t avoid. Little quantity is enough.
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