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Sheer Khurma Recipe Video - 0

Sheer Khurma Recipe – Eid-ul-fitr Dessert

Sheer Khurma represents the essence of Eid-ul-fitr in true manner with “Moon” represented by “Milk” & Month long fasting is by “Dates”. It is generally made in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and many parts...

Puri Recipe 0

Puri Recipe

Ingredients : 2 Cups – Wheat Flour 1 Tbsp – Thin Semolina 2 tsp – Oil 1/2 Tsp – Salt Oil for Frying Process : 🔴 Subscribe our YouTube channel CookingRecipes4U for more recipes...

Soya Chilli Recipe 10

Soya Chilli Recipe

Soya Chilli is a very Quick & Easy recipe. Soya chunks are really very good for health as it contains high proteins, fiber and zero oil (Fat). Naturally proteins are the building blocks of...

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