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Jain Upma 1

Jain Upma

Jainism & it’s beliefs shape drastically food habits among the jain people. Jain Upma is one regular Jain Recipe. Serving : 2 Persons Ingredients : 1 Cup Semolina (Rawa or Sooji) 1 Cup Yogurt...

Vermicelli upma 0

Vermicelli Upma Recipe (3 Methods)

Vermicelli upma is a healthy breakfast recipe made with vermicelli or asian noodles and other vegetables. It is prepare very similar to the traditional Semolina Upma (Rava / Sooji – Upma) by just replacing...

Aval upma - Atukulu upma - Poha upma 0

Aval Upma / Atukulu Upma / Poha Upma

Aval Upma or Poha Upma is a Indian dish. Making Poha Upma Recipe at home is very easy. Aval Upma also known as Atukula upma. All ingredients are easily available at home. 🔴 Subscribe...

Kesari bath 0

Kesari bath

Ingredients : 1/2 Cup – Thick Semolina (Moti Sooji) 1/4 Cup – Clarified Butter (Ghee) 1/2 Cup – Sugar (Shakkar) 1.5 Cup – Water 5 to 7 – Cashew (Kaju) 1 Tbsp – Raisin...

Fasting - Hindu Rituals 0

Fasting – Hindu Rituals

In Hinduism, every day in the calendar has it’s own particular importance. Special rituals, including prayer and fasting, are performed to honor gods and goddesses on particular date (Tithi) to get their blessing. Fasting...

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